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In contextualising my art practice, I was aiming to be more self-aware and self-articulate what I do. I was trying to find logic in an abstract system, it must make sense to me. I have a deep inner desire to connect with my paintings and this was my focus in starting GSA, to solely concentrate on them and give my paintings more time and the attention they craved.’ Trial and error’, I was completely ‘hoping and groping’. In semester one I was heavily influenced and inspired by Amy Sillman and her writings on painting. As an artist I want to define and understand the beauty behind my aesthetic and how these can translate into my art practice contextually and to intelligently submerge my thinking more directly into my work.  I have been concentrating on presenting my work as more aesthetically pleasing. I want people to see and feel beauty and Joy, bringing something uplifting to their subconscious.

Recently completed her Masters degree at The Glasgow school of Art

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